Buck-Taylor launches website

Cecilia Buck-Taylor, a candidate for state representative from the 67th District, which includes New Milford, has launched a new website -- www.bucktaylor2012.com.

Ms. Buck-Taylor, an attorney, said the website features information about her and upcoming events, and offers residents a place to share feedback and get involved with the campaign.

In addition, Ms. Buck-Taylor has put in place a campaign Facebook account.

To date, Ms. Buck-Taylor has placed on the sites her visits with First Light Power and the Candlewood Lake Authority, a recent ribbon-cutting ceremony at La Tienda Latina, a tour of the communications department of the New Milford Police Department and other events.

Ms. Buck-Taylor has obtained the required number of New Milford supporters and the required amount of campaign donations to comply with the Citizen's Election Qualifying Contribution Program.

In a press release, she said she "was also very pleased to actually have exceeded the required numbers in both people and donations."

Ms. Buck-Taylor said she "appreciative of the hard work" of her supporters, including her campaign chairman, Ray Crawford, in achieving the milestone in what she considers record time, having begun her campaign just more than two months ago.

Ms. Buck-Taylor commented on the spectrum of people who responded.

She noted "they come from a diversity of backgrounds: from young adults to senior citizens, those more economically fortunate to those relying on Social Security, blue collar to white collar and those who have served our country."