The restoration is under way of Bryan Memorial Town Hall in Washington Depot.

The historic structure was damaged Aug. 19 in a propane explosion.

Only minor structural damage was done, yet large arched windows had to be replaced and internal damage had to be addressed. The stage in the main hall was damaged in the blast and demolished this fall. Discussions are still ongoing about how to use the now vacant space.

Thought has been given to reconfiguring the area as more office space, as a kitchen area for catered events and/or when the hall is used as emergency shelter, or incorporating the space as part of the main hall.

The heating system boiler was damaged with the blast. It has been replaced and the new one is now operational.

Demolition of brick walls in the lower level of the building is nearly completed. A structural engineer was due to inspect the work this week.

Architectural plans are being submitted for reconfiguration of the lower level where the land-use meeting room is located. The room possibly could be expanded and ADA compliant emergency egress added.

First Selectman Mark Lyon met with the Bryan Memorial Hall Trustees last week to discuss the main hall work.

-- Susan Tuz