Another mega-box store may be coming to New Milford.

Saber New Milford LLC will go before the Zoning Commission in a Jan. 22 public hearing with a proposal to build a 154,600-square-foot retail building on the east side of Danbury Road (Route 7 South) between Cedar Knolls Drive and Unicorn Drive.

The single-occupant box store would be sited just south of the Litchfield Crossings shopping plaza now under construction.

Cedar Knolls Drive would be reconfigured, still allowing access to the adjacent cemetery and homes to the east.

A signaled driveway would be located on Danbury Road, across from the Tractor Supply store driveway.

The new site is proposed to have 636 parking spaces.

A traffic study by Milone & MacBroom has calculated that, at mid-afternoon on a weekday, 725 in and out vehicle trips would occur at the site.

That would translate to approximately 585 new vehicle trips over what currently occurs along that section of Danbury Road, according to the traffic study.

State Department of Transportation data from 2011 reports average daily traffic on Danbury Road near the site was 34,000 trips north of Lanesville Road and 30,000 trips south of Dodd Road.

"It is anticipated that the addition of new traffic from the proposed retail store will only minimally change levels of service along Danbury Road near the site," wrote Henry M. Ditman, a traffic engineer with Milone & MacBroom.

Mr. Ditman recommends a signalized driveway to the site and widening of Danbury Road at the signal to add a left-turn lane into the site from the north.

The properties at 189, 215 and 219 Danbury Road combined for the box store site are owned by Barbara Straub and New Milford Specialty Center LLC. of Ohio.

Saber New Milford LLC would be the developer. for the project.