A benefit bake sale last weekend at Stop and Shop in New Milford raised more than $2,000 to help vicitms of last week's fire at the Candlewood condominiums.

For four hours each day, the sale featured cupcakes and other donated baked goods offering upbeat decor.

"What a huge success it was," said Catherine Ferris, a New Miford resident who coordinated the effort.

"It was successful due to the people who donated baked goods and money," she said, "but also because of this little, 7-year-old boy who wouldn't accept no for an answer."

Ferris noted the efforts of Kotye Bruey, who she reported stood at the bake sale Sunday throughout the four hours, saying "Cupcakes for the condo fire victims, buy one, get a few free."

She said Kotye varied his approach at times by saying, "The orange cupcakes are the best. ... I made them myself. And you want to know a secret? The frosting starts red and turns orange."

"With his charm," Ferris said, "and great salesman attitude, he aided in the collection of more than $2,000 in cash and gift cards."

The proceeds were given to the Odd Fellows Hall for distribution to the victims.

While recognizing the efforts of everyone who donated baked goods and purchased them, Ferris felt strongly Kotye was the bake sale's most valuable person.

"He made every person who passed by the bake sale stand accountable as a neighbor and community member," she said. "He had such innocence, but determination and concern at the same time -- he is a New Milford hero."