Snow may still be on the ground, but a New Milford-based arts center director and a runner/businessman are already eyeing possible community events in June.

Both hope to bring lots of people to one of the town's biggest open gathering places -- Young's Field.

Jayson Roberts, a co-director of the Village Center for the Arts, approached the Parks & Recreation Commission recently about renting the field for four days in June to accommodate an arts event called, "Paint the People.''

Mr. Roberts said he expects the event would attract possibly 500 people.

The event itself is scheduled June 9 from noon to 10 p.m., but Mr. Roberts wants adequate set-up time, including various interactive art activities, music and other entertainment.

Due to what they termed "high demand" for the field space, the commission opted for a compromise. The arts event may use the field from Friday to Sunday.

The commission also approved a request from a road race company to host what is expected to be either a competitor, or an alternative, to the long-standing Moonlight Run 5K.

Competitive runner Kevin Curley, an owner of a year-old company, Breakaway Sports Event Management, gained permission to conduct what he is calling the "Twilight Run 5K Road Race'' June 1 at 8 p.m.

Mr. Curley said a reason he is sponsoring the race is because of local runners' disenchantment with the organization of the Moonlight Run 5K.

The former Shepaug Valley High School athlete also said he intends the road race to be an attraction for local runners rather than international runners.

The top prize in the first year would be about $200, Mr. Curley said.