New Milford mom Elizabeth Scheglov loved to read children's books to her daughter and sons when they were little.

From the time the Scheglov family moved 12 years ago to New Milford, the children's room in New Milford Public Library was a favorite place to visit, she said.

So it was not a surprise to children's librarian Susan Ford when Mrs. Scheglov suggested painting images from children's books on the library's windows.

"At first I thought to paint right on the glass," said Mrs. Scheglov, a local artist who creates decorative windows. "But because of the historic nature of this part of the building, that wasn't possible."

The two women put their heads together. And the end results -- four paintings on framed glass created by Mrs. Scheglov -- now hang in windows in the library.

"They're a lovely addition to the library," Mrs. Ford said. "They brighten up an already bright room, especially the ones in the front windows with the sun shinning through."

The paintings images depict "Chronicles of Narnia," "Septimus Heap series," "Thumbelina" and " Jolly cricket."

"We purposely avoided using any branded characters or any copyrighted images," Mrs. Ford explained. "These are all Elizabeth's original designs."

"I grew up in a metropolis, in Moscow, Russia," Mrs. Scheglov said, "so different from here. Here everyone is so kind and friendly."

"I really feel like we're part of a community," she added. "I wanted to do something for my community."

Today, the children of Mrs. Scheglov and her husband, Alex, are aged 25, 17 and 12. Their daughter, Anna, 25, volunteered in the library when she was in high school.

Their son, Dennis, 17, now attends New Milford High School, and their son, David, 12, is a student at Schaghticoke Middle School.

"When I call the school and the secretary recognizes my voice," Mrs. Scheglov said. "the way the Newcomers Club welcomed us when we moved here -- all of this makes New Milford feel like home."

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