Birthdays & anniversaries

Friday, Oct. 2

Pat Sherry, Robert T. Provost, John and Becky Farrell (anniversary).

Saturday, Oct. 3

Jessica Dean Bradley (16), Larry Greenspan (75), Tami Comstock, Lynn Baldwin (in memory).

Sunday, Oct. 4

Frank and Arlene Brancaccio (anniversary).

Monday, Oct. 5

Faith Caldwell, Arlie Owens II, Helen Penniston.

Tuesday, Oct. 6

Jacob Gee, Alan Smith Sr., Rob and Wendy Beebe (9th anniversary).

Wednesday, Oct. 7

Michael Pryor, Abbey Lawlor, Jack Burns (4).

Thursday, Oct. 8

Dylan Saunders (11).

Friday, Oct. 9

Winnie Joy Melycher, Kaitlyn Price, Britney Fletcher, Tiffani Saunders (6), Matt and Katie Johnson (10th anniversary).

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