The New Milford Hospital Center for Sleep Medicine will hold an open house March 9 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. in recognition of National Sleep Awareness Week.

Sleep Awareness Week, which coincides with the clock change to Daylight Savings Time and the loss of an hour of sleep, is an opportunity to educate and promote good sleep habits.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, millions of Americans are sleep-deprived and suffer from one or more of the many causes that interfere with getting a good night's sleep.

Sleep deprivation contributes to poor health and has implications for serious medical diagnoses such as heart disease, stroke, obesity and depression.

In addition, drowsiness at work and while driving causes millions of dollars in lost productivity and thousands of accidents each year.

For information about the open house at the Elm Street hospital, call 860-350-7343.