A Court of Honor ceremony will be held Sunday at Harrybrooke Park in New Milford to elevate four Boy Scouts to Eagle status.

They will join four longtime friends and fellow Troop 58 Scouts who became Eagle Scouts earlier this year.

"These boys have been together since they were 7 years old," said Lisa Briscoe, the mother of Mack Briscoe, "stayed friends, were active in sports, band, community, went to three different high schools, and yet all stayed in Scouting and went on to achieve its highest award by the time they will go off to college this fall."

"The boys are unique," she added "but there is also something to be said for the adults who have kept this program alive for the kids over the past 12 years."

Ms. Briscoe noted the particular efforts of Lee Kraus, father of Zack Kraus, and Steve Kozusko, the father of Jake Kozusko.

"They have been with the boys since the beginning," praised Ms. Briscoe. "These fathers have sacrificed and devoted so much of their personal time in seeing all of the boys cross the finish line."

The young men receiving their Eagle award this year are Cole Rossiter, Zach Kraus, Derek Vill, Tom Harper, Peter Dobrotka, Jake Kozusko, Tyler Brant and Mack Briscoe.