'I was devastated': London-born Fairfield restaurant owner reacts to death of Prince Philip

Karen Hubrich, owner of Gruel Britannia in Fairfield, said she was

Karen Hubrich, owner of Gruel Britannia in Fairfield, said she was “devastated” to hear the news of Prince Philip’s death on April 9, 2021.

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Prince Philip’s death hit Karen Hubrich hard. She’s from London, and she’s also the owner of Gruel Britannia, a British restaurant in Fairfield.

The Prince, husband to Queen Elizabeth II, died today at the age of 99.

“I mean, imagine 73 years playing second fiddle to the queen, always having to walk two steps behind her, but to be there and to support her after all these years of service,” Hubrich said. “I mean, it’s mind-boggling. No one else has done that.”

She’s right. Prince Philip was the longest-serving consort in British history.

Today, Hubrich said she is wearing black, out of respect to the royal family, and that customers have approached her throughout the day to talk about the prince’s passing.

“I’ve had people come in to express their condolences. I’m dressed in black and wearing my union jack cuffs in honor. I was devastated.”

Hubrich expressed amazement that the Prince and the Queen have been married for more than 70 years.

“Their reign has been an institution, and it will be the end of an era. When the Queen dies, I will go to that funeral.”

Hubrich talked about a time when she actually met Queen Elizabeth at a garden party.

“When you meet her, her smile... There’s something about her, it is electric. I mean, she’s unbelievable. She has this presence.”

Hubrich said she still sees the Queen’s marriage to Prince Philip as a real-life royal fairy tale.

“Who can say, you know, ‘my parents, my grandparents, are still married after 73 years?’ Let’s say a handful, if that.”

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