It's that time of year again. Each year the Big E unveils new deep-fried concoctions, desserts and sandwiches. Check your cholesterol and then check out what's available this year at the fair, which runs September 14-30 in Springfield, Mass.

First, the deep-fried stuff. This year's inventions include the Deep Fried Pop Tart and Deep Fried Corn on the Cob–an ear of corn dipped in buttermilk, lightly dusted with creole seasoning and fish fry batter.

Tater tot lovers will want to check out Captain Nemo's golf ball-sized Tater Tot Keg Kabobs. The Better Living Center selling 40 different kinds of licorice, including a 3-foot-long sweet and sour rope filled with sherbet.

More of a carnivore? The Bud & Burger Pub offers a smorgasbord of toppings for their new Gourmet Sliders. Try PB & J with Cheese, Jalapeno Popper with Cream Cheese, Texas BBQ with Pulled Pork, Rugged Man Chili with Five Bean Beef Chili and more, atop a gourmet slider, made with herb spices, sirloin, chuck roast an d short ribs.

The Messy Magnus from the Wurst Haus on Commonwealth Ave. is a beer -braised pulled pork, sandwiched between a warm apple fritter. Also new will be Poutine Gourmet's Pulled Pork Poutine.

The Craft Cocktail Bar, home of the Deep Fried Martini (we said it's all about deep-friend life) is offering The Frozé Martini this year, made with vodka and rosé wine. Beer lovers can also get their drink on at the Guiness Irish Pub, the New England Craft Beer Pub and Sam Adams Brew Garden.

Of course, some people go to the Big E each year expecting their annual favorites. Here's a sampling of the tried and true staples that will be returning:

Flatliner Burger – West Springfield Lion’s Club

Waffle Chicken Bites – The Deep South Company

Deep Fried Oreos - Marion’s Fried Dough

Gourmet Tater Tots – Tots -A-Lot

Cinnamon Caramel Apple Gourmet Mini Donuts – The Donut Family

Pumpkin Pie Funnel Cake – Pop ‘N Fresh

Deep Fried Holy Cannoli – The Coffee Break

Blueberry Pierogi Sundae – Moolicious

Eateries are not just there for fun–they're there to win. The third annual Big Eats Competition pins foods head to head in the following categories: Best Tasting Fair Food, Most Creative, and Best New Food.