An historic home on the Washington Green has sold for $1.249 million.

Klemm Real Estate has announced the sale of the 1774 Joel Stone House, which has a direct view of First Congregational Church's meetinghouse.

Carefully restored over the past decade, the house is well-known to antiquarians for its original wall frescoes in one of the bedrooms. Experts have visited the house to see the frescoes. The fresco designs are a combination of classical references and folk art. The house also contains an original corner cupboard and fine paneling.

"Often buyers of historic houses are so enchanted with the charming architectural detail, they become dedicated stewards of these treasures," said listing agent Beverly Mosch.

At the rear of the property, the previous owners created a private garden full of specimen trees, shrubs and flowers featured in the Garden Conservancy Open Days in 2010 and 2011.

The house is an integral part of the Green Historic District.

During the 18th century when the Green was Washington's commercial center, Joel Stone, a merchant, likely conducted business from his house.

The sale was brokered by Ms. Mosch of Klemm Real Estate. Gael Hammer of Klemm Real Estate represented the buyers.