Claudia Larsson studied energy medicine when she lived in Sweden from 2003 to 2007.

From there, she attended the Cortiva Somerset School of Massage and began incorporating her knowledge of reiki into massage therapy.

"I was always interested in energy work, how people tune into positive energy to improve their health," Larrson said from her massage studio in New Preston. "I read Norman Vincent Peale's `Laugh Your Way to Health' and continued learning from there."

Larsson offers reiki, traditional massage, mio-facial and cranial sacrum massage and reflexology at her studio, Walk In Balance Massage.

And that's all while she's not working at the Worden Wellness Center in Danbury.

"Most of the massage I do is therapeutic," Larsson said, "but I also do massage for relaxation."

She notes energy medicine can complement Western traditional medicine.

With her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, Larrson gets many client references from chiropractors and physicians.

She treats clients with critical head injuries through cranial sacrum massage.

"The cranial sacrum work I do frees up the cranial fluid in the neuropathways and vital tissue in the skull, allowing it to flow down to the sacrum (triangular bone at the end of the spine)," Larsson said, "feeding all the nerve endings coming out of your spine."

New Preston resident William Frank has been receiving therapeutic massage from Larsson for a year.

"I have been getting a therapeutic massage for more than 20 years," Frank said. "Claudia is among the best massage therapists I have ever worked with."

"She's extremely professional," he added, "and has a way of figuring out exactly where your problem really is and has a variety of techniques she can use to take care of it."

Larsson said what she does for clients is to "bring balance to the body.

"Your muscles have memory," she said. "What I do is assist your body to remember what it needs to do."

Walk In Balance Massage is located upstairs at 27 Church St. in New Preston. For an appointment, call 732-618-6321.

Photography by Norm Cummings