[Editor's Note: Bob Hanna, chairman of the Village Fair Days committee, contributed to this column.]

We hope you enjoyed the 46th annual Village Fair Days. This year, we had beautiful weather, large crowds and great entertainment -- a perfect storm of good things.

Things you might not realize about Village Fair Days

Plans are already underway for the 47th annual Village Fair Days.

The committee meets year-round. Anyone interested in being part of the committee is encouraged to contact the Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce.

Village Fair Days is sponsored by the Chamber and gives members and local businesses the opportunity to showcase and promote their businesses and services to the general public.

However, business marketing is not the sole purpose of the fair.

Many organizations, non-profits, clubs, civic groups, and churches also participate in Village Fair Days.

Some of these groups participate strictly to provide information to the community, while others use Village Fair Days as a major fundraising source.

In one way or another, the money these groups raise during the fair goes back to our community.

Village Fair Days is also a fundraiser for the Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce.

The monies we raise help us to host community events such as the fireworks celebration, our annual Chamber breakfast, the Festival of Lights/tree-lighting ceremony and the hands-on train display.

Through the years, our funds have also benefited local charities and organizations such as the John Pettibone Scholarship Fund, New Milford Community Ambulance, New Milford Hospital, United Way of Western Connecticut, Water Witch Hose Company No. 2, American Red Cross, the Alzheimer's Association, Special Olympics, Paint the People, Run Santa Run, the Wheels program, Remembering Our Veterans, New Milford Youth Baseball/Softball and the creative playground at John Pettibone School.

The costs to run the fair have increased every year.

We were able to hold the price the same for the non-Chamber, non-tented vendors for the past five years, but felt it was time to adjust all the rates this past year. This decision was not made lightly.

Our infrastructure costs include permit and usage fees to use the Green, tent/table/chair rentals, electricity, the electrician, electrical supplies and upgrades, the portapotties and overnight security.

We also have a variety of other non-infrastructure costs to pay as well such as the entertainment.

All vendors are invited to join the Chamber and receive the Chamber vendor discount in addition to all the other Chamber benefits.

Our intention with the slight increase in vendor rates was to help us cover our costs so we can continue to host community events and support our local charities and organizations.

We would be happy to answer any questions anyone has about the fair and can be reached directly at the Chamber office at 860-354-6080 or nmcc@newmilford-chamber.com.

We'd also like to invite anyone who is interested in being a volunteer at the 2014 fair to contact us.

Your support

Your support of the fair and the groups that participate in the fair allows them to give back.

So next year when you're at the fair and eating a roast beef sandwich or ice cream cone from Water Witch Hose Co. 2, pizza from the New Milford Lions Club, fried dough from the Rotary Club, or playing a game of bingo at the Knights of Columbus tent; remember, besides having a great time, eating fun fair food, enjoying some free and fabulous entertainment under the big tent, and catching up with friends you haven't seen since the previous fair, you are supporting our community.

It really is all about our community.

No community -- or group or business -- ever stands still; you either proceed or recede. As businesses, civic groups, non-profits, clubs and organizations -- when we come together for the good of our community, we all win.

Last, but certainly not least

A great, big shout-out-loud thank you goes to the Village Fair Days Committee and the many volunteers you saw in the bright yellow shirts during the fair.

The Chamber extends its gratitude to them and thanks all who help make Village Fair Days such a spectacular event.

We cordially invite you to Village Fair Days 2014, which will be held on July 25-26.