Thai Charm restaurant opens its doors

If the food is good, patrons will come.

That is the belief of those who recently opened a new restaurant, Thai Charm, at 218 Kent Road (Route 7 North) in New Milford.

The owners, from Thailand, have made their debut in a charming house that, for many years, was home to Adrienne restaurant.

There are two main dining areas at Thai Charm, as well as several fireplaces. Artwork from Thailand are displayed throughout. Some pieces depict Buddhas, representing good luck and prosperity.

Herbs and spices are an essential part of Thai cooking. Everything at this restaurant is prepared fresh, starting with a wide range of appetizers -- 17 choices in all. The house sampler includes spring rolls, wontons, winter shrimp and chicken dumplings. Thai Crab Rangoons feature shredded crab meat mixed with flavored cream cheese and onions and fried in fresh egg roll dough.

Dishes can be ordered to taste. The menu states which items have a spicy edge, using a red chili pepper to signify heat. Appetizers with this designation include Chicken Roti -- sauteed chopped chicken with peas, carrots, onions and bell peppers in a sauce.

Entree options are plentiful, including everything from chicken and pork, to beef, seafood and vegetable dishes.

Beer and wine are served at Thai Charm, as well as Thai iced coffee.

Dessert options include coconut custard, fried ice cream and mango with sticky rice.

For more information, call 860-799-5271 or visit; Twitter @LindaTKoonz