Planning a trip? Take into account the list of the 10 worst airlines in 2021

Three of the 10 worst airlines in the world were Mexican, according to Bounce's research.


Luggage storage company Bounce conducted research to find out which are the worst airlines of 2021 based on customer experience. They took into account several factors, starting with the complaints that were sent in the year, the entertainment during the flight, the comfort of the seats, the quality of the food, the rules that are imposed on luggage and the punctuality of the planes.

“We all know how frustrating it can be to find yourself stuck in a crowded cabin without Wi-Fi or waiting in the departure lounge for hours with no plane in sight. That is why we have analyzed the experiences of the passengers, as well as the punctuality of the airline and the maximum baggage allowance for national and international airlines to see which airline leaves customers smiling. "

Unfortunately, three of the worst airlines in the world were Mexican: Viva Aerobus , Volaris and Interjet .

Viva Aerobus 3.6 / 10

This Monterrey-based airline is known for its low costs that take you to different places within Mexico and some cities in the United States. Tickets are usually very cheap, but this is because they do not include anything else in the price. Luggage, food and entertainment have to be paid separately.

Volaris 4/10

Another airline looking to provide cheap flights is based in Mexico City and scored only slightly higher than Viva Aerobus. Unlike the previous one, Volaris has flights to more destinations including some in South America. It is one of the few that is expected to make a profit in 2021, since it is focused on coexistence visits and not so much tourism.

Interjet 4.6 / 10

The third Mexican airline on the list is Interjet, it does not seek to provide low-cost flights. Compared to the other two it has many more destinations around America. Since the beginning of this year he has been in the process of bankruptcy and with very large debts.

Although Mexico did not do well in this study, the worst airline of all was VivaAir Columbia with a score of 3.4. However, it was TAP, eighth on the list, that received the most complaints from customers according to Bounce's report. The UK also had two airlines on the list, Ryanair and Easyjet.

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