For June Robideau, eating a Patti Pink hot dog with spicy sauerkraut and barbecued onions makes her day.

Mrs. Robideau is a regular customer at the Patti Waggin hotdog cart.

In her second season at Conn's Pond on Park Lane (Route 202) in New Milford.

Cart co-owner Patti Samuelson Moore serves 80 to 100 customers on a sunny day.

And their regular patrons vouch for the fare.

"It melts in your mouth," Mrs. Robideau said of the Patti Pink hotdog. "Patti makes all the toppings from scratch."

Ms. Moore, 45, and her partner, Jim Devendorf, have future plans for four Patti Waggin carts located around the greater New Milford area. In five years, their goal is to open a restaurant.

"I never knew I'd like the food business so much," said Ms. Moore. "My favorite memories from childhood are of my dad taking me to Compo Beach to have chili dogs and root beer."

"I want my customers to feel that way," she added.

Mr. Devendorf comes from a family of restaurateurs. His grandparents had a restaurant in Norwalk. His father, James, had Jimmy D's steak house in Bethel.

"Food is my passion," Mr. Devendorf said. "I've been a plumber for 11 years and, seeing the catering trucks at construction sites, I've thought I'd like to run some with specialty food."

Barbecue sauce used at the Patti Waggin is made from the "secret Jimmy D's recipe," he said.

The chili for the chili dogs is a medley of his grandmother's and Ms. Moore's aunt's recipes.

Ms. Moore was bartending at Matteo's restaurant when she and Mr. Devendorf decided to start the business.

They rent freezer and refrigerator space at Matteo's and Ms. Moore prepares the food for the Patti Waggin there.

"My sister, Dhyann Samuelson, and her friend, Brooks Titcomb, designed our logo and signs," Mrs. Moore said.

"Our hotdogs are specially made with no fillers, low salt and great snap," she concluded.

The Patti Waggin is located at Conn's Pond on Park Lane (Route 202) in New Milford. Hours are Mondays through Fridays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For information on Patti Waggin catering for parties, stop by the wagon.

Photography by Norm Cummings