In today's world, few businesses can function without computers, but technology often presents problems beyond the understanding of an average business owner.

Identifying and solving these problems is the service provided by InfoPlexus.

Tom Barkal is the president of the New Milford-based company he established in 1994.

Over the years, he has helped numerous clients with their technology needs.

Among the services provided by InfoPlexus are full network setup, system support, adjustment and repair, virus removal and computer upgrades.

Mr. Barkal has been working with New Milford-based Neeltran for almost 10 years.

"His service is good," said Allan Michelstein, Q.C. and M.I.S. manager. "He's here when I need him."

According to Mr. Barkal, one of the big emerging markets in the industry is a new back-up solution that features an in-house device to securely back up two off-site data centers.

"If there is a catastrophic event, like a fire or flood," Mr. Barkal said, "and there is inability to do computer work or business functions, this can bring the company up from data centers off site and run at least short term until they get back on their feet."

With the constant threat of crippling viruses, it is critical for companies to have a way to access data so business could continue uninterrupted.

One of the advantages to off-site data storage is the ability for users to retrieve deleted or corrupted data at a much faster speed.

"This is a great added business tool which eliminates down time," said Mr. Barkal, who lives in New Milford with his wife, Valerie, and their children, Tommy and Holly.

One of the new buzzwords in the technology industry is virtualization, which allows a business to run multiple servers or even an individual server in a virtual environment.

"It's a fairly new thing in the small business environment," he said. "We are trying to educate our customers to let them understand how valuable this is."

Mr. Barkal noted certain businesses, such as medical practices, are required to comply with insurance requirements difficult to understand and implement.

This is where InfoPlexus steps in -- to interface with insurance or pharmaceutical companies that supply the products allowing physicians to meet particular requirements.

"Everything is being done through secure connections on the Internet, so personal information needs to be protected," Mr. Barkal said. "We supply the hardware and configuration and set up the maintenance of these systems."

It's not just businesses InfoPlexus helps with technology needs.

As the father of two children, Mr. Barkal hears from other parents about the difficulties they have finding someone to help them with home computer issues. He realized there is another market InfoPlexus could serve.

His company now provides computer hook-up and repair services for home users, and also makes recommendations regarding hardware and software purchases.

InfoPlexus now employs four, full-time technicians who continually update their training on new software and hardware solutions.

The world of technology might be confusing, but Mr. Barkal's philosophy is simple: "The best way to run a solid business that retains customers is to do the job properly for them."

For more information about InfoPlexus, visit or call 860-354-0121.