The Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce an exciting new benefit of membership: the member Web pages.

This will provide a full page on our Web site solely devoted to showcasing your business.

There is no cost to take advantage of this program as it is included as a benefit of your Chamber membership.

What can I put on my member Web page?

Your member Web page contains several generous sections where you can describe your business, your products or services, your staff or even highlight your involvement in the local community.

You can display up to eight pop-up photos of your products, your staff or your business location.

You can even link to a separate PDF document which visitors can download to learn more about your business.

How will a member Web page help my business?

Several ways.

First, enjoys an average of 6,000 visitors per month.

One of the most popular sections of our Web site is the member directory, which visitors use to locate local businesses.

Your new member Web page will be linked to our member directory so when potential customers visit our site, they can easily find more information about your business by visiting your member Web page.

Visitors can also search the Chamber Web site and your member Web page will make it that much easier for your business to be found for the products and services you provide.

Also, Americans perform about 15 billion online searches a month in search engines like Google.

Many of these searches are "geocentric" in that people combine a product or service with the geographic area they are looking in (i.e. New Milford dentist).

Search engines know is a Web site all about New Milford, so pages on our Web site often rank at the top of searches for information on New Milford.

Your member Web page will help your business rank at the top of searches for your services or products in New Milford, too.

I already have a Web site; why do I need a member Web page?

Maybe your Web site doesn't appear at the top of results for a search for your product or service in New Milford?

Because it is part of the Chamber's Web site, your member Web page may appear higher in search results than your own Web site does.

Or even if your current Web site does appear at the top of search results, your member Web page may also appear at the top of search results, increasing the opportunity for your business to be found by potential clients.

What is the PDF file for?

If you have a brochure, flyer, postcard or any type of mailer, you can provide us with a copy of this and we will link it to your member Web page.

Restaurants can supply us with a copy of their menu, creative services can use the PDF to showcase their projects, and Realtors can use the PDF to list current properties.

Whatever makes the most sense for your business is what you can put in your PDF file.

How often can I update my member Web page?

You can provide us with new content for your member Web page every year at no charge.

If you would like to update your member Web page more often, there will be a nominal fee in order to offset the cost involved.

Ray Kerney is the first vice president of the Greater New Milford Chamber of Commerce.