The Aldi Market already approved for Danbury Road (Route 7 South), just north of Lore's Plaza, could open its doors by late summer, company officials said recently.

Bruce Persohn, vice president of the company's South Windsor division, said they look forward to bringing "high-quality grocer products, fresh meat and produce with savings up to 40 percent" to New Milford and western Connecticut.

The store currently has about 18 locations in the state, with the closest ones to New Milford in Milford and Torrington.

Aldi Markets offer more than 1,400 of the most frequently purchased grocery and household items at savings of up to 40 percent from what traditional supermarkets charge and 15 percent over big-box grocers, company officials said.

Some 95 percent of the items sold in the market have the Aldi brand name, according to a company spokesman, but are manufactured by some of the country's leading food suppliers.

Shoppers bring their own bags, pay a quarter to release a shopping cart, bag their own groceries, and get a quarter refund when they return the cart to the corral.

Items come in one size -- the size surveys show is most commonly purchased in supermarkets.

Aldi purchased about 1.5 acres along Danbury Road in August for approximately $1.3 million after receiving approval from the town's land-use boards in February.

The property is part of a development that could include a hotel and a fast-food restaurant, according to Vin Nolan, the town's director of economic development.

While the development received preliminary approvals for the other uses, none of the other projects has moved forward.

Mr. Nolan said current market conditions make it difficult for a new hotel to open its doors.

"We would love to have a flagship hotel in town, but I don't believe the demand is there right now," he said.

He added there have also been discussions about having office space on the site.

Mr. Nolan said preliminary site work for the market has already been completed and construction of the building will likely start this spring.

"It's a positive step forward for the community," he said.