Recycling is something that is not only fashionable, but is necessary. The planet yells at us that it needs a real change, yet this store has a somewhat strange concept about recycling. This is the Louis Vuitton bag in collaboration with Comme Des Garcons in 2014, which was put up for sale in an online store, Farfech .

Image: Farfech, Louis Vuitton

So far, there is no problem, the real problem is that the accessory is on sale for nine thousand dollars, almost 240 thousand pesos. Also, it runs into huge holes and is second-hand.

Image: Farfech, Louis Vuitton

Objects with history

Farfech has a description for the controversial bag on its website:

“We remind you that these pieces had a life before reaching your hands, so they may have small imperfections. By buying this item you give continuity to its use and positively help the planet ”.

Image: Farfech, Louis Vuitton

In the networks there was severe criticism for putting a second-hand object up for sale at such a crazy price. One user even called it a “pickpocket dream”.

Luxury masks

In September, Louis Vuitton was criticized for launching its luxury masks , to ward off the virus. The point is that it is a luxury item part of the Cruise 2021 collection. It is a transparent mask that is fastened to the head by an elastic strap with the signature monogram. It will be on sale from October 30 for the modest amount of $ 961 (approximately 202 thousand Mexican pesos).

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