New Milford Hospital

A son, Jack Stanley Leonard, was born May 30, 2010, to Abra Stanley Leonard and James Chip Leonard of Warren. Maternal grandmother is Patti Stanley of Bellevue, Wash. Paternal grandmother is Karen Onken of Waukee, Ind.

A daughter, Bella Elizabeth Bickford, was born Aug. 17, 2010, to Stacey A. and Ronald K. Bickford II, of New Milford. Maternal grandmother is Angelica Castillo of Bogota, Colombia. Paternal grandparents are Cindy Crandall and Ronald Bickford Sr. of New Milford.

A daughter, Brianna Carter Johnson, was born Aug. 26, 2010, to Mildred and Jeremy Johnson of Roxbury. Maternal grandparents are Thomas and Pamela Osborne of Washington. Paternal grandparents are Richard and Wanda Johnson of Bethlehem.

A son, Landon Dean Mason, was born Sept. 4, 2010, to Jaclynn and Reid Mason of New Milford.

A daughter, Hannah Leigh Stewart, was born Sept. 6, 2010, to Elissa Renee and Gregory Alan Stewart of New Milford. Maternal grandparents are Ronnie and Fred Hattman of Nags Head, N.C. Paternal grandparents are Mary Ann and Ron Stewart of New Milford.