New Milford Hospital

A son, Micah John Samuel Jennings, was born March 11, 2010, to Sarah Elizabeth and Christopher Homer Jennings, of New Milford. Maternal grandparents are Paul and Judy Borg of Indianapolis, Ind. Paternal grandparents are Homer and Carolyn Jennings of Kent and Walter and Susan Kidd, of Southbury.

A son, Brody Prescott Planz, was born March 12, 2010, to Jillian A. and Justin A. Planz of Bridgewater. Maternal grandparents are Alan Sr. and Amber Werner and Debra Straiton of New Milford. Paternal grandparents are Dr. Frederick and Marylou Planz of Bridgewater.

A daughter, Lena Maeve Skelly, was born March 15, 2010, to Sarah Ann and Shamus Brett Skelly, of New Milford. Maternal grandparents are Patricia and Harold Zimmerman of Delton, Mich. Paternal grandparents are Thomas and Linda Skelly of Danbury.

A son, Dylan William George, was born March 17, 2010, to Michelle and Christopher George of Gaylordsville. Maternal grandparents are Bill and Suzan Dahl of Gylordsville. Paternal grandmother is Catherine Lyon of Middlebury.

-A daughter, Emmie Ryan, was born March 25, 2010, to Jessica and Matthew Ryan of New Milford. Maternal grandparents are Barbara and Joel Kipperman of New Milford and Christopher Troiano of Torrington. Paternal grandparents are Cynthia and Alan Ryan of Norwalk.

-A son, Charles Thomas Collins, was born March 27, 2010, to Rebecca and William Collins of Kent. Maternal grandparents are Thomas and Nancy Schulz of New Milford. Paternal grandparents are Anita Collins and the late William J. Collins of Waterford.

-A daughter, Kaitlyn Elizabeth Wallace, was born April 6, 2010, to Jason and Kristin Wallace of New Milford.

-A son, Alexander Keith Hulse, was born April 23, 2010, to Shannon Nicole and David Hulse Jr. of New Preston.